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Programs of Study

We are all about creating the future. And the only way you can do that is with really motivated people and really great programs. The State of Michigan is dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to rigorous and relevant educational opportunities that prepares them for success in careers. In order to achieve this goal, all Michigan educational systems must work collectively and collaboratively to create an aligned educational structure that improves student learning.

Diploma Program

Medical Administrative Assistants work in today’s high-tech offices having the knowledge of Microsoft Office (Pro 2007) skills including; Word,
Excel, PowerPoint as well as medical administrative knowledge. Students will also receive keyboarding skills, medical office accounting, and finance skills and be prepared to handle office procedures.
The Medical Administrative program is designed to prepare the students to work in today's...

Diploma Program

The Medical Assistant certified preparation program prepares students for entry-level employment in the health care field. This program provides training in administrative, clerical and clinical skills, including, vital signs, medical histories, phlebotomy, first aid, CPR, routine laboratory procedures, sterilization and maintenance of equipment. The training also includes the proper techniques for administering medications orally,...

Diploma Program

The Medical Billing/Coding Specialist certified preparation program is designed to prepare students for an introduction to icd-10-cm coding, CPT coding, Hicpics codex reimbursement methodology; including Medicare and Medicaid guidelines and requirements. Students will learn how to research manually, using the coding manuals and will also be introduced to the electronic version of researching. Students will also be introduced to the CMS 1500...

Certified Preparation Program

The Nurse Assistant (NA) certified preparation program builds on training students with entry-level skills and knowledge to practice as Nurse Assistants in a long-term care setting. Graduates will receive a certificate of completion and are prepared to successfully complete the State Certification Examination to become Certified Nursing Assistants in the State of Michigan.
The course is divided into lecture, laboratory and clinical...

Certified Preparation Program

The Patient Care Specialist certified preparation program is a combination of a Nursing Assistant program and a Patient Care Technician program. This is a seven-week program that continues after the student has completed the NA program. The Patient Care Specialist is a 230 clock hours of classroom and technical requirements. Graduates may work in long term health care facilities, hospitals, and home health.

Certified Preparation Program

Patient Care Technician certified preparation program builds on the training and skills of the Certified Nursing Assistant.

Emphasis is on technical skills necessary to perform personal complex care on patients. Selected portions of care plans including respiratory services, rehabilitation services, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, EKG and phlebotomy are implemented under the supervision of registered nurses.

Certified Preparation Program

Pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists provide medication and other healthcare products to patients. Technicians usually perform routine tasks to help prepare prescribed medication for patients, such as counting tablets and labeling bottles. Technicians receive written prescriptions or requests for prescription refills from patients. They also may receive prescriptions sent electronically from the doctor’s office. They must verify...

Certified Preparation Program

The Phlebotomy certified preparation program prepares students to be responsible for the prompt processing of inpatients/out-patients specimen collections as well as the delivery of specimens to the laboratory. Also, the recognition of various age related needs and the provision of age appropriate care are implemented.
Students will be trained to perform varieties of blood collection methods using proper techniques and precautions....