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A very great program they push u to be successful and they never ever give up on you...

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I enjoyed my experience at Greater Horizon Training Institute. The instructor was...

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I enjoyed being a student at Greater Horizon Training Institute. It was a great...

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Sasha Jones - Student Success Profile

Meet Sasha Jones. Sasha attended the Greater Horizon Training Institute, LLC in the summer of 2017 and took the patient care specialist program. It was a difficult program for her since she has not been in school for about five years. "I almost wanted to quit the program if not for my instructor that kept on encouraging me.  I also had a death in the family and my kids to take care of with no helping hand.. The instructor discussed my situation with the Administrators of the school. They all went out of their way to get donations and things for my kids.", said Sasha at her graduation.

Look at her now - after ten months of graduation from the school, she has a CNA license, a PCT license, an EKG license, and a phlebotomy tech license! The job market has accepted her with open arms!


"I just want to say thank you to the school for all their help and for not giving up on me." - Sasha Jones.